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  • Workshop, Imagine, Create, Be. Gender and Technologies, IFF, Spain  + (Gender and tech, training, programs, funding, side effects)
  • FemHack Managua 2016  + (Genealogía ciberfeminista, derechos sexuales, seguridad digital, fanzine, literatura)
  • Editatona Mujeres Nicas  + (Genealogía feminista, Wikipedia, biografía mujeres nicaragüenses, historia de Nicaragua, editatona)
  • Digital security training for central american activists, Guatemala  + (Guatemala, Spanish, DST)
  • Hackaton - Feminism, Cambodia  + (Hackaton, Feminism, Cambodia)
  • Hackaton - election monitoring platform, Guatemala  + (Hackaton, Guatemala, Spanish)
  • Holistic Security, Train Of Trainers, Germany  + (Holistic security, well-being, risk analysis, digital security, gender, emergency response, travel security, communication security)
  • Holistic digital security training for women activists - self care, Brasil  + (Holistic, DST, Feminism, Brasil, Portuguese)
  • Holistic digital security workshop for women, Brasil  + (Holistic, digital security training, Brasil, Portuguese)
  • FemH3ck - How the internet works for WHRD, Mexico  + (How internet works, general risks, secure tools)
  • IGF, InternetEsNuestra, Mexico  + (IGF, vigilancia masiva, la violencia en línea contra las mujeres, infraestructura y servicios de internet.)
  • Digital security for Women, Bosnia  + (Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Sexuality, Violence against Girls and Women, online harassment, feminisms, privacy, digital security)
  • Encryption trainings for journalists, Mexico  + (Journalists, DST, Mexico, Spanish)
  • Digital security workshop- LAVITS, Brasil  + (Mass surveillance, Digital security training)
  • Digital security open and weekly trainings, Mexico  + (Mexico, Spanish, Digital security trainings)
  • Edit a thon - Feminisms, Mexico  + (Mexico, edit a thon, wikipedia, feminism)
  • Hackerspace Feminista. Quito, Ecuador  + (Mini install party)
  • Digital security tips - Bar Camp Yangon,Myanmar  + (Myanmar, Digital Security)
  • Digital security training for Journalists, Myanmar  + (Myanmar, Journalists, DST)
  • Workshop: Safer Nudes @Montreal, Canada  + (Nudes, Digital Security, Privacy)
  • Panel , Identiti Terancam di Internet (Threatened Identities on the Internet), Malaysia  + (Online Bullying, Online Harassment.)
  • Gender and Technology Institute, Ecuador  + (Oriented Action Curricula and Learning Spa
    Oriented Action Curricula and Learning Spaces Throughout this five days event, participants were involved in different tracks such as digital security, politics of data, gender and tech, holistic security, training skills and self care. The first day was spent with all the participants together in order to reflect on our gender and intersectional experience of technologies and moving forward towards an analysis of risks and learning needs. Mitigation strategies that were already in place where shared among participants and then we held the first live show of the Radio Berta Caceres (launched during the GTI) in which some of the facilitators shared about their background, experiences and motivations to engage in privacy and security trainings. We ended our first day with an install-party that enable us to install, uninstall and mix free and open source software, freedoms, gender codes and our own set of experiences and knowledge among ourselves. The following days encompass four structured learning moments. Those offered two or three sessions on different topics held at the same time. The fourth learning moment took place at the end of the afternoon and participants could choose between stand alone talks, going hands on, making radio programs or attending self care sessions in a kiosk surrounded by a beautiful light. Those learning sessions moments were also complemented with skill-sharing sessions among participants, sport and night activities such as documentaries screenings, performances and cabarets. Evenings were also when the self-organised and popular feminist hackerspace got going, which became the go-to place to gain knowledge and share skills around practical tech stuff in a chilled-out atmosphere. Some of the sessions delivered during the GTI included “Migrating to Gnu/Linux, Imagining a feminist internet, Digital security basics (presented like an airplane security film), Pimp your browser, Metadata, Understand alternatives (to commercial software), Malware and servers attacks, Detecting IMSI-Catcher, Politizing Facebook, Creative uses of social media (for campaigns and advocacy), Mobile security, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, Planning training activities in unknown environments, Create safe spaces for learning about tech, Documenting and reporting violence, Developing self-care, etc Finally, the last afternoon was devoted to regional and thematic rights organisations working in groups for seeing possible actions and synergies they could establish after the GTI, to evaluate the event and to decide in a plenary the next steps for documentation, keeping in touch, and developing a network of support and solidarity. The methodological framework adopted during the GTI was based on the basic principles of adult learning. This was complemented with feminist approaches engaging in methods, such as shaping safe spaces, understanding ones privileges, putting attention on power and inequitable relationships, creating nurturing and inclusive processes for reflection, exchanges and learning. And because a GTI is never complete without a lot of dancing and loud group singing, on Friday night we put many fairy-lights dresses and enjoyed a great Pacha Queer hosted party with one-night-only performances including great hits as the song Software Libre. While everyone was no doubt ready for some rest and quiet by the end of the week, those feelings were mixed with sad goodbyes. From our side, we learned a lot and hope that those of you who were there did too. Big thanks to our collaborators and to all our facilitators and to everyone who travelled to join the event; we're excited to see new partnerships emerge. Thanks also to everyone who applied - the selection process involved some tough decisions. We are, however, currently working on supporting and developing similar, more regional events in other countries, so there will hopefully be more opportunities in future.
    hopefully be more opportunities in future.)
  • Digital security trainings for female students, Pakistan  + (Pakistan, students, Digital security, privacy)
  • FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, Indonesia  + (Privacy & Anonymity, Online Violence Against Women & LGBT, Hands-on digital security training (strong password/keepass, circumvention/TOR, secure mail & PGP, OTR messaging, social media security strategy, basic mobile security))
  • Privacy awareness talks, Argentina  + (Privacy advocacy, Digital Security Tools, Gender and Tech, Argentina, Spanish)