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    • Hands On What does your internet look like?  + (Big sheets of paper (at least 1 per participant) – coloured pens. Facilitators should have a good understanding of how the internet works, and a reasonably high level of technical understanding.)
    • 10 trucos para mejorar tu posicionamiento sin vender tu alma a Google  + (Conocimiento sobre creación de contenidos digitales.)
    • DataDetox  + (Data Detox Kit projected/ downloaded / printed.)
    • Security: Password security  + (Facilitators should be able to install, us
      Facilitators should be able to install, use and explain password management software like LastPass or Keepass, and to be able to explain and answer questions about passwords. Facilitators also need to come up with a few key statements and questions for the 'secure password race', as described below.
      secure password race', as described below.)
    • Training: Training design II  + (Facilitators should be experienced in desi
      Facilitators should be experienced in designing and carrying out trainings. Prepare beforehand a participant profile – ideally one that either the facilitators are familiar with – with lots of details about what the person likes, and their background, both professional and personal.
      ackground, both professional and personal.)
    • Gender Tech Researching VAW  + (Facilitators should be experienced researchers in the area of violence against women, and be able to share strategies and tips, in case other participants have not had as much experience.)
    • Privacy Analogue data shadows  + (Facilitators should have a good understanding of 'data traces' online and offline, and the impact that these could have on our lives.)
    • Security PGP 101  + (Facilitators should have a good understanding of what PGP is, be able to answer questions on how it works, and be able to help people downloading and using software to encrypt their emails.)
    • Training: Training design I  + (Facilitators should have a solid understanding of training techniques, and ideally have facilitated training workshops before.)
    • Holistic security - Self care  + (Facilitators should have some experience of talking through psychological issues with others.)
    • Gender Tech Online/Offline Cyberfeminism  + (Have been able to read some selected extracts, or all the articles/books used for guiding the conversation.)
    • Threat analysis - Vision and Actor Mapping  + (Ideally some notions of political, economic, social, technological situation)
    • Training: Training Skills I  + (Ideally, facilitators should be experienced trainers (in whatever field) – or have had significant experience working with/around trainers and in workshop settings.)
    • Threat analysis - Digital Security Indicators  + (Ideally, output from Situational Analysis
      Ideally, output from Situational Analysis exercise. A safe and trusting environment must be created wherein people are not blamed for things they are perceived to have not done correctly or not been aware of. If necessary, you can introduce tools for non-violent communication in order to facilitate sharing of security indicators.
      facilitate sharing of security indicators.)
    • Gender Tech Collective stories  + (Ideally, the facilitator should have taken part in this exercise at least once, to have an idea of what is expected. Prepare a whole set of material : colored pencils, cardboards, etc.. to offer to each group if they need it.)
    • Threat analysis  + (It is best if this activity follows a thorough context analysis.)
    • Móvil 2: Complementos  + (Las personas participantes deben tener a la mano sus teléfonos móviles para poner en práctica las actividades)
    • Threat analysis - Introducing context & risk analysis  + (N/A)
    • Contraseñas seguras  + (Ninguno)
    • Seguridad digital en campañas feministas  + (Ninguno)
    • Install party software libre vs códigos de género  + (No hay, el ejercicio se plantea como una forma de ampliar la comprensión del software libre. Esta actividad es buena para que el grupo se conozca más y mejor.)
    • Install party free software vs gender codes  + (No prerequisite, the exercise is structured as a way to increase understanding of free software. This activity is good for a new group to get to know each other.)
    • Ficción especulativa  + (No se necesita ningún conocimiento o experiencia previa y se recomienda a las participantes venir con ganas de experimentar.)
    • Móvil 1: Funccionamiento  + (No se necesita ningún conocimiento o experiencia previa y se recomienda a las personas participantes tener a la mano sus teléfonos móviles)
    • Gender Tech Personal Memories  + (None)
    • Threat analysis - Situational analysis  + (None)
    • Gender Tech Co-creating a safe space  + (None)
    • Threat analysis - Individual responses to threat  + (None)
    • Holistic security - Collective Memory  + (None)
    • Hands On How the internet works  + (Open space to move around. Facilitators should have a good understanding of how the internet works, and a reasonably high level of technical understanding.)
    • Holistic security - A day in your life  + (Paper and pens for all participants. Ideally, facilitators should have taken part in this exercise before, but it's not necessary.)
    • Training: Training design IV  + (Participants should have (recently) carried out Training Skills II: session design, and be with the same group of people that they also worked with for that session.)
    • Training: Training design III  + (Participants should have carried out Training Design sessions I and II prior to this session. Facilitators should be familiar with ADIDS/experiential learning cycles.)
    • Gender Tech Privilege in Tech  + (Space to walk up and down – ideally steps, but a room with a 'baseline' marked, and space to walk forwards and backwards, would also work. NB: not accessibility friendly, as participants need to walk forwards and backwards.)
    • Privacy From data shadows to data brokers  + (The group should already have carried out
      The group should already have carried out 'Analogue data shadows' session, and facilitators should have a good understanding of how the 'data industry' works, and be able to advise the groups and answer questions they might have on how their data is used by different service providers. Facilitators should prepare beforehand 2 sets of small slips of paper: firstly, ones with different digital behaviours or actions on them, to distribute one per participant during the exercise. Samples of 'digital behaviours' could include: You just downloaded the Spotify playlist “girls just wanna have fun” You booked flights to Honolulu You Skyped with your best friend for 2 hours You downloaded Snapchat You lost your iPhone, and used the “Find my iPhone” app to find it You used wifi in an airport, and gave your email address and personal details in order to get access. Secondly: digital behaviours that people can do to others, such as: You just invited everyone in your group to Google plus You sent everyone your geocoordinates to meet up for a party later You just signed up for an app that needs access to all of your contacts Make sure there is at least one 'digital action', and one digital behaviour that people do to others, per participant.
      that people do to others, per participant.)
    • Holistic Security - Demonstrating the interconnectedness  + (The session plan constitutes a scene setter/grounding exercise at the beginning of a training (possibly followed by collecting expectations, making agreements etc.))
    • Holistic security - Communications Security  + (This session can be an introduction to several topics with some minor modifications on the content and focus, as for example mobile security or how the internet and mobiles work.)
    • Threat analysis - Information Mapping I  + (This session preceed session of Information Mapping II.)