Training: Training design IV

From Gender and Tech Resources

Title of the tutorial Training design IV: priorities
Kind of learning session
Tutorial category
Duration (hours) 1.5
Learning objectives Thinking through concrete examples of prioritisation in designing trainings.
Prerequisites Participants should have (recently) carried out Training Skills II: session design, and be with the same group of people that they also worked with for that session.
Methodology Ask participants to get into the same groups as for the Training Skills II session, with the same situational specifications (day length and participant profile).

Explain that this is an exercise on prioritisation – given financial constraints, how would we decide to spend our funds?

Give each group the same amount of (limited) funds for them to decide to spend on either:

  • another international trainer
  • a translator
  • boosted internet service
  • one more day of training
  • comfort material, like snacks
  • comfortable accommodation

Groups have 15 minutes to decide how they will use their money, then come back into plenary and ask one person from each group to explain their decision.

Encourage the group to debate these decisions.

Number of facilitators involved 1
Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources None