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Title of the tutorial Co-creating a safe space
Kind of learning session Holistic, Train of trainers
Tutorial category Discussion
Duration (hours) 1.5
Learning objectives To come up with a shared list of agreements to be following during the rest of the workshop, in order to create a safe space for all participants.
Prerequisites None
Methodology Give participants post it notes, and ask them to write down on three things that the group needs in order to create a safe space this week, with one issue on one post it note.

Ask everyone to put the post it notes up on a wall, and cluster them according to themes.

Once a few main themes have come out of the clustering exercise, write these up on the flip chart, and ask people to come up with concrete examples of when these themes or issues might come up – for example, 'respect at all times' could have the concrete example of 'showing up on time', 'putting mobile phones on 'silent.

Build out the themes to have a number of concrete examples or smaller parts to them that can then be displayed around the main room as a shared agreement. Ask people whether they agree with all parts, or whether there is anything they would add, before putting it up, and get a group agreement that all participants will abide by terms that everyone has come up with here.

Number of facilitators involved 1 - 2
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Technical needs Whiteboard/flip chart, post it notes.
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