Training: Training design III

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Title of the tutorial Training design III: training structure
Kind of learning session Train of trainers
Tutorial category
Duration (hours) 2
Learning objectives To come up with various activities along the ADIDS/experiential learning cycle.
Prerequisites Participants should have carried out Training Design sessions I and II prior to this session. Facilitators should be familiar with ADIDS/experiential learning cycles.
Methodology Split participants into groups, and give each of the groups a topic to work on, such as 'password management', 'holistic security', file management, etc.

Then, go through the following steps with them:

  • Activity
  • Discussion
  • Input
  • Deepening
  • Synthesis

Explain where this structure comes from, and how it differs from traditional pedagogical approaches.

Ask each small group to tackle the topic given to them using this approach – give them each a large piece of paper with the ADIDS cycle written on it, and ask them to come up with topic specific activities/sessions along each step of the cycle.

Their aim should be thinking about how they would approach the topic in question in the ADIDS training structure.

After 30 minutes in small groups, ask them to come back to plenary, and one person from each group should report back to the bigger group on what they came up with.

If there are any new activities or ideas on how to tackle the topic in question, it might be useful for the facilitator to make note of them.

Number of facilitators involved 1
Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources [[Theoretical and on line resources::EXAMPLES OF SESSION DESIGNS WITH ADIDS Level-Up

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Creating a Safe Space by Sandra]]