Training: Training design II

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Title of the tutorial Training design II: planning sessions
Kind of learning session Train of trainers
Tutorial category
Duration (hours) 2
Learning objectives Getting accustomed to adjusting training schedules and workshop styles dependent upon the profile of participants.
Prerequisites Facilitators should be experienced in designing and carrying out trainings.

Prepare beforehand a participant profile – ideally one that either the facilitators are familiar with – with lots of details about what the person likes, and their background, both professional and personal.

Methodology Put the participants into groups, and give each group a different time frame, ranging from 1 day to 5 days.

Give the group the participant profile, and ask each group to design a security and privacy training for this person.

In addition to the specific training schedule, ask each group to keep a note of any challenges that they come across.

After 30-40 minutes in small groups, bring the participants back to plenary, and ask them to share any major challenges that they faced.

Get one person from each small group to talk the rest of the group through the training schedule that they came up with – try and keep these report backs reasonably short.

Number of facilitators involved 1-2
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Technical needs None
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