Security PGP 101

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Title of the tutorial PGP 101
Kind of learning session 101
Tutorial category Discussion
Duration (hours) 1.5
Learning objectives Understanding the basics of PGP and encryption
Prerequisites Facilitators should have a good understanding of what PGP is, be able to answer questions on how it works, and be able to help people downloading and using software to encrypt their emails.
Methodology This session is largely explanatory rather than interactive:

Explain the following concepts:

  • what PGP – Pretty Good Privacy – is
  • Differences/similarities between PGP and GPG
  • Why PGP is useful to us, and why might we want to understand it or use it?
  • How it differs from SSL, TLS and HTTPS – and define these terms
Number of facilitators involved 1-2
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Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources [[Theoretical and on line resources::Security in a box]]