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Title of the tutorial Documenting and researching violence against women
Kind of learning session
Tutorial category
Duration (hours) 1
Learning objectives Sharing experiences with each other on the topic of documenting and researching violence against women, and having an area to discuss openly any problems participants may have come across in this area
Prerequisites Facilitators should be experienced researchers in the area of violence against women, and be able to share strategies and tips, in case other participants have not had as much experience.
Methodology Get the participants (presumably a reasonably small group) to sit in a circle.

Go around the group and ask people to introduce themselves, and what drew them to the session. If relevant, ask them to mention whether they have had any past experience specific to this topic or another related one.

Facilitators could write on a flipchart at the front of the room a list of questions that are raised about the topics – such as,

  • Research methods
  • Connection between online and offline violence
  • Definition of violence against women online
  • Datasets available on violence against women

The session is intended more as a discussion space than a workshop session – so, if the discussion moves in a different direction, let participants air their concerns and questions.

Number of facilitators involved 1-2
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Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources [[Theoretical and on line resources::WHO study on violence against women

APC Women's Rights Project - Erotics study

Cases on women’s experiences of technology-related VAW and their access justice by APC

Bytes for All Pakistan case studies]]