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"Has improper value for" is a predefined property to track input errors for irregular value annotations that was likely caused by type or allowed value restrictions. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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10 trucos para mejorar tu posicionamiento sin vender tu alma a Google +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +


AWID, Coming Back to Tech, Brazil +Number of hours  +
AWID, Tracking your period: Data economy and the risks for privacy and security of (very) personal data, Brazil +Number of hours  +
Acompanamiento, Seguridad Digital Activistas Derecho a Decidir, Ecuador +Number of hours  +
Asesoria, Seguridad interna, Chile +Number of hours  +
Autodefensa Digital Feminista, FemHack Managua 2016 +Number of hours  +


Capacitacion, Activistas derecho a decidir, Chile +Number of hours  +
Capacitación en seguridad digital, La Paz, Bolivia +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Charla, Ciberfeminismos, Congreso Soberania Tecnologica, Barcelona +Number of hours  +
Coming Back to Tech, IFF, Spain +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Cuidados, Concentración +Number of facilitators involved  +, Duration (hours)  +
Cuidados, Cuerpo +Number of facilitators involved  +, Duration (hours)  +
Cuidados, Descargar emociones +Number of facilitators involved  +


DataDetox +Duration (hours)  +
Digital security tips - Bar Camp Yangon,Myanmar +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Digital security trainings, weekly, Cambodia +Geo-localization of the activity  +


Editatona Mujeres Nicas +Number of hours  +, Geo-localization of the activity  +
Epu Txawün Pichikeche por una Infancia Libre y sin Represión, Wallmapu +Number of hours  +


Feminist Data Politics: Quantifying Bodies +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +
Ficción especulativa +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +
Formacion Ciberactivismo, Cuenca, Ecuador +Number of hours  +
Formacion Seguridad Digital, El Salvador +Number of hours  +


Gender Tech Co-creating a safe space +Number of facilitators involved  +
Gender Tech Researching VAW +Number of facilitators involved  +
Gender and Technology Institute + Privacy Camp, LAC, Start Up Meeting, Barcelona +Number of hours  +
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