AWID, Coming Back to Tech, Brazil

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Title Coming Back to Tech Session
Category Gender and Tech
Start 2016/09/09
End 2016/09/09
Hours 1 hour
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Scale World level for international activities
Geolocalization -13° 9' 15", -38° 25' 48"
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Organisation Tactical Tech
Target audience Women Rights Defenders, Activists, Women whom have harassed.
Number of participants 15
Context and motivations Tactical Tech is launching a new research project that focused on what happens to women after they have been harassed online, how their relationship with technology changes, and what it means to "go offline", particularly for activists whom rely on social media and the internet to conduct their work.

As part of the AWID Forum in Brazil, Tactical Tech conducted the session entitled "Coming Back to Tech" aimed at presenting the new research concept and at receiving feedback from participants. Participants were divided into breakout groups, with each group using case studies the Tactical Tech team provided to discuss different elements related to coming back to tech.

One key observation from the feedback showed that there was a tendency by the participants to focus on how to respond to online harassment as it occurs, instead of how to continue to be effective online after facing harassment.

Topics online harassment, self care, coming back to tech
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Agenda Presentation of the research idea, presentation of the objectives of the session and break out groups, break out groups and feedback to the general group.