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"Has improper value for" is a predefined property to track input errors for irregular value annotations that was likely caused by type or allowed value restrictions. This property is pre-deployed (also known as special property) and comes with additional administrative privileges but can be used just like any other user-defined property.

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Gender and Technology Institute Asia +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Gender and Technology Institute, Ecuador +Number of hours  +
Gender and Technology Institute, LAC, Start Up Meeting, Mexico +Number of hours  +


Hackaton - Feminism, Cambodia +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Hackerspace Feminista. Quito, Ecuador +Number of hours  +
Holistic digital security workshop for women, Brasil +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Holistic security - A day in your life +Number of facilitators involved  +
Holistic security - Collective Memory +Duration (hours)  +
Holistic security - Communications Security +Duration (hours)  +


Install party free software vs gender codes +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +
Install party software libre vs códigos de género +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +


Jornada de Autocuidado y Autoconocimiento para mujeres, wallmapu +Number of hours  +


Luchadoras, Tecnología con enfoque de género, Internet +Number of hours  +


Mobile Browsing +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +
Mobile Communication +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +


Oficina Uso crítico y feminista de internet, Brasil +Number of hours  +


Panel, Building feminist infrastructure, IFF, Spain +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Panel, Strategizing around online gender-based violence documentation and accompaniment practice, IFF, Spain +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Panel, Women Digital Trainers in LAC, IFF, Valencia +Number of hours  +
Primer Encuentro de Defensa Personal Feminista, Bogota, Colombia +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Privacy Presentation, Cali, Colombia +Geo-localization of the activity  +
Programa Luchadoras sobre GTI +Number of hours  +
Proyecto Apoyo Activo, Mexico +Geo-localization of the activity  +


Security PGP 101 +Number of facilitators involved  +
Seguridad digital en campañas feministas +Duration (hours)  +, Number of facilitators involved  +
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