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10 trucos para mejorar tu posicionamiento sin vender tu alma a Google +Conocimiento sobre creación de contenidos digitales.  +


Contraseñas seguras +Ninguno  +


DataDetox +Data Detox Kit projected/ downloaded / printed.  +


Feminist Data Politics: Quantifying Bodies +- Presentation of history/background to what we mean by 'quantification' in the context of big data - Menstruation apps: Select from the list here: pages 16-21 . We used Clue, Glow, and Kindara, - Develop a list of questions you want the group to explore (listed in the next section on methodology)  +
Ficción especulativa +No se necesita ningún conocimiento o experiencia previa y se recomienda a las participantes venir con ganas de experimentar.  +


Gender Tech Co-creating a safe space +None  +
Gender Tech Collective stories +Ideally, the facilitator should have taken part in this exercise at least once, to have an idea of what is expected. Prepare a whole set of material : colored pencils, cardboards, etc.. to offer to each group if they need it.  +
Gender Tech Herstory Exhibition +Ask participants to bring with them the name, or a printed out photo of a woman in technology who they feel was influential in their cultures or countries. This doesn't necessarily have to be anyone particularly well-renowned, or directly as a coder, but simply someone who they admire, for whatever role they may have played.  +
Gender Tech Online/Offline Cyberfeminism +Have been able to read some selected extracts, or all the articles/books used for guiding the conversation.  +
Gender Tech Personal Experiences +A majority of the group need to be either women/from marginalised communities within technology, for this activity to work best. Encourage others to spend time listening – passive participation is just as important as active. The exercise is ideally carried out when participants have already got to know each other a little, rather than as a first exercise.  +
Gender Tech Personal Memories +None  +
Gender Tech Privilege in Tech +Space to walk up and down – ideally steps, but a room with a 'baseline' marked, and space to walk forwards and backwards, would also work. NB: not accessibility friendly, as participants need to walk forwards and backwards.  +
Gender Tech Researching VAW +Facilitators should be experienced researchers in the area of violence against women, and be able to share strategies and tips, in case other participants have not had as much experience.  +


Hands On How the internet works +Open space to move around. Facilitators should have a good understanding of how the internet works, and a reasonably high level of technical understanding.  +
Hands On Understanding the group – Spectrogram +A line on the floor marking 'the middle' of the room – so people know which side to stand to show their opinions. For the facilitator: none specifically  +
Hands On What does your internet look like? +Big sheets of paper (at least 1 per participant) – coloured pens. Facilitators should have a good understanding of how the internet works, and a reasonably high level of technical understanding.  +
Holistic Security - Demonstrating the interconnectedness +The session plan constitutes a scene setter/grounding exercise at the beginning of a training (possibly followed by collecting expectations, making agreements etc.)  +
Holistic security - A day in your life +Paper and pens for all participants. Ideally, facilitators should have taken part in this exercise before, but it's not necessary.  +
Holistic security - Collective Memory +None  +
Holistic security - Communications Security +This session can be an introduction to several topics with some minor modifications on the content and focus, as for example mobile security or how the internet and mobiles work.  +
Holistic security - Self care +Facilitators should have some experience of talking through psychological issues with others.  +
Holistic security - What is Security? +A comfortable space for participants. 1/2 sheet of flipchart and markers for each participant Flipchart and markers for facilitator  +


Install party free software vs gender codes +No prerequisite, the exercise is structured as a way to increase understanding of free software. This activity is good for a new group to get to know each other.  +
Install party software libre vs códigos de género +No hay, el ejercicio se plantea como una forma de ampliar la comprensión del software libre. Esta actividad es buena para que el grupo se conozca más y mejor.  +


Móvil 1: Funccionamiento +No se necesita ningún conocimiento o experiencia previa y se recomienda a las personas participantes tener a la mano sus teléfonos móviles  +
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