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10 trucos para mejorar tu posicionamiento sin vender tu alma a Google +101  +


Contraseñas seguras +101  +
Cuidados, Concentración +Holistic  +
Cuidados, Cuerpo +Holistic  +
Cuidados, Descargar emociones +Holistic  +


DataDetox +Hands-on Tools  +, Other …  +


Feminist Data Politics: Quantifying Bodies +Gender and Tech  +, Other …  +
Ficción especulativa +Hands-on Tools  +, Gender and Tech  +


Gender Tech Co-creating a safe space +Holistic  +, Train of trainers  +
Gender Tech Collective stories +Gender and Tech  +, Skill sharing  +
Gender Tech Herstory Exhibition +Gender and Tech  +
Gender Tech Online/Offline Cyberfeminism +Gender and Tech  +
Gender Tech Personal Experiences +Gender and Tech  +
Gender Tech Personal Memories +Gender and Tech  +
Gender Tech Privilege in Tech +Gender and Tech  +


Hands On How the internet works +Hands-on Tools  +
Hands On Understanding the group – Spectrogram +Other …  +
Hands On What does your internet look like? +Other …  +
Holistic Security - Demonstrating the interconnectedness +Holistic  +
Holistic security - A day in your life +Holistic  +, Other …  +
Holistic security - Collective Memory +Holistic  +
Holistic security - Communications Security +Holistic  +
Holistic security - Self care +Holistic  +
Holistic security - What is Security? +Holistic  +


Install party free software vs gender codes +Gender and Tech  +
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