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Cryptorave - Feminist digital security workshops Lab-Ada, Brasil +women identified that want to know more about digital security and hacking  +


Digital Trainers Summit - Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain +Digital Security Trainers  +
Digital security and privacy session - Geek Girl festival, Kenya +The session is for vocal women bloggers who create discussions on gender issues. The event is geared towards providing opportunites for high school girls and University students to engage with women already working in the industry, for guidance on career choices and opportunities.  +
Digital security for Women, Bosnia +Young women interested in gender social justice, feminism, privacy and digital security  +
Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya +Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) members  +
Digital security meetup for women human rights defenders, Kenya +for women human rights defenders who are also journalists and bloggers in their professions and are actively involved in policy advocacy on securing women online spaces in Kenya  +
Digital security open and weekly trainings, Mexico +everybody, it is an open event  +
Digital security tips - Bar Camp Yangon,Myanmar +Open  +
Digital security training for Journalists, Myanmar +For journalists from Myanmar  +
Digital security training for antimining activists, Mexico +antimining activists  +
Digital security training for central american activists, Guatemala +For a coalition of centeramerican organisations dealing with citizenship security  +
Digital security training for political activists, Cuba +For cuban political activists  +
Digital security training for students, Cambodia +students  +
Digital security training for women activists from the Balkans, Macedonia +women activists from the Balkans  +
Digital security training for women activists from the Balkans, Turkey +women activists from the Balkans  +
Digital security trainings for female journalists, Pakistan +women journalists  +
Digital security trainings for female students, Pakistan +Women students, Young female Students (In women universities), Women journalists and bloggers, Women Human rights Defenders , Women from Minority groups  +
Digital security trainings for women, Pakistan +women  +
Digital security trainings, weekly, Cambodia +open  +
Digital security workshop - Les Degommeuses +LGBT refugees from various african countries : Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Libya, Uganda,  +
Digital security workshop for environmental activists, Brasil +endangered environmentalists, mix gender group  +
Digital security workshop- LAVITS, Brasil +It was organized to the public that was participating from the Lavits event. Lavits is an International Symposium to discuss Politics, Surveillance and Territory, and this one was the 3rd edition. The public was a mix gender group mainly academics and advocacy persons.  +
Digital security workshops for women, UK +all women  +


Edit a thon - Feminisms, Mexico +wikipedia contributors  +
Editatona Mujeres Nicas +Mujeres de todas las edades, de Managua y municipios cercanos.  +
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