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Digital security training for women activists from the Balkans, Macedonia
Category Digital Security  + , Gender and Tech  +
End when 3 February 2015  +
Feedbacks Feed back from participants was extremely
Feed back from participants was extremely positive as you can read below: 1.What did you think about the training, facilitation and organization of the workshop?: a. the training was one of the most important ones. The facilitators were very kind and friendly. The time tough, was a bit short, would be perfect having one additional day. b. I find it very useful. The facilitators were very patient:) They did their best, in order us to understand something. I am very thankful for being -consistently- and following our suggestions from the everyday evaluations. Every day evaluations are very good. c. I loved the training, especially how the three of you interacted + run it smoothly. It was a bit challenging we come as different users so I would have loved more practical work for some who already read on theory. On the other hand - your explanations were great - really interesting + engaging us all. d. The training was very interesting. It created a lot of possibilities to me to know what are the options for secure online communication. Facilitators were very attentive and great. e. It was one of the best trainings i have ever attended!!! Facilitation was perfect. I liked that there were three facilitators and topics were shared. f. Though I got tired and was difficult to process all the information. I loved the whole thing. It was interesting, with lots of information that can be useful. Facilitation was great. The three of you. Trying to keep it simple and still go through so many things. Like the way you work together. Maybe we needed longer breaks and a slower race at least I did. g. I think that you are great! h. I think it is of a great importance. Although it was a lot of information in a short time, I was interested and it kept my attention. Trainers were great! i. The content of the training was a bit packed. Maybe it would be better to concentrate on few tools or programs than general overview of more tools. It was hard for me to switch of new framework after integrated security and be concentrated as previous days, the focus was another issue. j. The workshop open to me a new view of thinking about DS. The topics were great but you could little more felt a group. To many information, too many for my perspective k. It was extremely informative, very useful. Sometimes too overloaded with info I and it was difficult to follow but still received a valuable info. l. It was conducted really well having in mind the abstract content but it was explained in so basic and visual manner that it is very clear for me and rememberable, at least the basic things. Facilitation was wonderful, except for the presence of all three facilitators, it wasn't quite equal at some moments dominated by one. But I liked they were three and all different, it gave me a more balanced feeling. m. Facilitation was really good. Trying to make complicated things as simple as possible. The group was eclectic so not all participants were strong in technologies but all of them are taking at least something from the training. n. very interesting for me useful for my job and my life. Facilitators were great. Professionals and with high quality knowledge. Thanks o. Perfect p. the training was very useful and interesting. Facilitators are great and helpful.
sting. Facilitators are great and helpful.  +
Feelings Read Storytelling https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Women_activists_from_the_Balkans,_Macedonia  +
For whom is it organized women activists from the Balkans  +
Geo-localization of the activity 41° 42' 2", 21° 42' 32"Latitude: 41.700807278371
Longitude: 21.708984375
How many people trained 18  +
KEEP Having talks about gender and feminist approaches to technologies  +
Links about the activity https://gtiwiki.ttc.io/doku.php?id=dst_for_whrd_from_balkans  +
Motivations for organizing training Women Human Rights Defenders and LGTBQ act
Women Human Rights Defenders and LGTBQ activists from the balkans (albania, armenia, bosnia, croatia, serbia, georgia, macedonia) with low levels of knowledge regarding privacy and digital security. Almost all of them used Windows, had a smartphone and used facebook for work and activism. Most of them managed sensitive data involving third parties information. The background of the participants was different, they were coming from different countries from the Balkans and the Caucasus region, dealing with different issues but what they all had in common, was that they are WHRD, they all used facebook, managed sensitive data and 17 of them were using Windows. One was only using MAC after switching from Linux. The group had already built wonderful dynamic in their work as before the DST they have spent some days on workshop about integrated security. They already knew each other, some even from before.
dy knew each other, some even from before.  +
START Asking participants to disconnect their devices and have a relaxed talk about their relation with technologies  +
STOP Packing so much content in three days  +
Start when 1 February 2015  +
Title of the activity 3-day training for women activists in the Balkans  +
Topics addressed DST, Balkans, WHRD, LGBTQ, Caucasus  +
Where is located the activity Macedonia  +
Who organize it TTC for kvinnatillkvinna  +
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