Digital security and privacy session - Geek Girl festival, Kenya

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Title Annual Geek Girl festival: session on digital security and privacy
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security Gender and Tech
Start 2015/04/25
End 2015/04/25
Hours 8
Scale Kenya
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Organisation Akirachix
Target audience The session is for vocal women bloggers who create discussions on gender issues.

The event is geared towards providing opportunites for high school girls and University students to engage with women already working in the industry, for guidance on career choices and opportunities.

Number of participants 30
Context and motivations Session: Awareness creation session on digital security and privacy.

Event: speed geeking, Design Thinking and much more

Topics Feminism, Bloggers, Digital security, Privacy awareness, Speed Geeking, Design Thinking, Kenya
Media Geekgirl.jpg
Agenda Focus on feedback objectives, especially on the online and offline safe spaces. So that feedback compilation does not only come from the trainer's point of view but also from participants.
Methodologies Experience sharing, more collaborative and participatory
Feelings Inspiring, many young girl and women interested in technology and using it to advance women issues
Feedbacks Many participants were happy to have attended the conference and a lot of enlightened discussions around cyber-bullying was talked about.
Start Giving more young women a discourse platform to freely share their knowledge around tech, aspirations and areas of improvement
Stop Overthinking
Keep Local networks, they help a lot in partnerships and collaborations