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  • Security PGP 101  + (Facilitators should have a good understanding of what PGP is, be able to answer questions on how it works, and be able to help people downloading and using software to encrypt their emails.)
  • Training: Training design I  + (Facilitators should have a solid understanding of training techniques, and ideally have facilitated training workshops before.)
  • Holistic security - Self care  + (Facilitators should have some experience of talking through psychological issues with others.)
  • Gender Tech Online/Offline Cyberfeminism  + (Have been able to read some selected extracts, or all the articles/books used for guiding the conversation.)
  • Threat analysis - Vision and Actor Mapping  + (Ideally some notions of political, economic, social, technological situation)
  • Training: Training Skills I  + (Ideally, facilitators should be experienced trainers (in whatever field) – or have had significant experience working with/around trainers and in workshop settings.)
  • Threat analysis - Digital Security Indicators  + (Ideally, output from Situational Analysis
    Ideally, output from Situational Analysis exercise. A safe and trusting environment must be created wherein people are not blamed for things they are perceived to have not done correctly or not been aware of. If necessary, you can introduce tools for non-violent communication in order to facilitate sharing of security indicators.
    facilitate sharing of security indicators.)
  • Gender Tech Collective stories  + (Ideally, the facilitator should have taken part in this exercise at least once, to have an idea of what is expected. Prepare a whole set of material : colored pencils, cardboards, etc.. to offer to each group if they need it.)
  • Threat analysis  + (It is best if this activity follows a thorough context analysis.)
  • Móvil 2: Complementos  + (Las personas participantes deben tener a la mano sus teléfonos móviles para poner en práctica las actividades)
  • Threat analysis - Introducing context & risk analysis  + (N/A)