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    • FemHack Bogotá 2016  + (Activistas y colectivas feministas)
    • Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), Gender equality, Stockholm  + (Activists, Woman Human Rights defenders, W
      Activists, Woman Human Rights defenders, Woman net activists, Human Rights Defenders, digital freedom rights The Forum aims to bring together policymakers, civil society representatives, activists, business representatives and technical community representatives. SIF has a standing tradition of focusing on the global south and half of the participants come from low-and middle-income countries, often from places where internet access is restricted and efforts to promote both internet freedom and human rights can be dangerous.
      freedom and human rights can be dangerous.)
    • Charla, Ciberfeminismos, Congreso Soberania Tecnologica, Barcelona  + (Activists, hacktivists; technological sovereignty initiatives)
    • Gender and Technology Institute, Panama  + (Among the women targeted by gender-based o
      Among the women targeted by gender-based online and offline violences, Woman Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) and feminists working on sensitive topics, such as health, reproductive and sexual rights are particularly at risk. Because of this context, Tactical Technology Collective in partnership with Women Help Women organised in September 2017 a training event named “Gender and Technology Institute: Take Control of Your Data” for 35 women engaged with providing information, counsel and/or direct support to women seeking safe abortions. This group of activists was complemented with a multidisciplinary team of 12 women facilitators from the LAC region working on data privacy, digital security, gender based online violence, training skills, self care and holistic security.
      g skills, self care and holistic security.)
    • Conversation, Coffee Chat at ARROW HQ Malaysia  + (Arrow Staff Members)
    • Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya  + (Association of Media Women in Kenya (AMWIK) members)
    • Holistic digital security training for women activists - self care, Brasil  + (Brasilian women human rights defenders and activists)
    • Taller de Telegram y Signal, Colombia  + (Colectivo de trabajo de defensa de derechos humanos en cárceles)
    • Taller Seguridad Digital, Feministas, Ecuador  + (Colectivos Justicia para vanessa, salud mujeres, las comadres)
    • Taller Culture Survival, Cuidados digitales feministas, Guatemala  + (Comunicadoras Indígenas de radios comunita
      Comunicadoras Indígenas de radios comunitarias Indígenas de 18 a 36 años que trabajan en Radios Indígenas de Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá y Colombia. Fueron 20 participantes, para la facilitación de todo el proceso se contó con 6 facilitadoras, para el segmento de la parte digital se contó con una facilitadora principal y una de apoyo, esta última capacitada recientemente en Uruguay por Táctica Tech.
      recientemente en Uruguay por Táctica Tech.)
    • IGF, InternetEsNuestra, Mexico  + (Convocamos a otras organizaciones de la sociedad civil mexicana a varias reuniones preliminares donde los ejes temáticos fueron la vigilancia masiva, la violencia en línea contra las mujeres e infraestructura y servicios de internet.)