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    • Privacy awareness talks, Argentina  + (One of the main feedbacks was how we see technology as an obstacle rather than as a tool, and how to start changing that.)
    • II Festival Ciberfeminista, Tejiendo circuitos, Guatemala  + (Para la evaluación del Festival y debio al
      Para la evaluación del Festival y debio al poco tiempo que tuvimos realizamos la evaluación a partir de tres preguntas clave: ¿Qué me gustó? ¿Qué mejoraría? Y ¿Qué dudas me quedaron? A continuación las respuestas. ¿Qué me gustó?  Conocer más personas. Conocí bastante.  Todas las metodologías y las buenas facilitadoras. Conocer, de cada una, sus habilidades y conocimientos.  Las expositoras.  El momento de la práctica.  Las nuevas temáticas en las ciberfeministas.  Las temáticas y metodologías.  Funcionamiento de Internet.  El grupo, nuevas redes y creatividad. Me motivé para hacer más cosas.  Conocer sobre los servidores y aplicaciones más seguras.  Diversidad de opciones de talleres.  La metodología y los temas.  Los talleres estuvieron muy animados. ¿Qué mejoraría?  Que hayan más participantes.  Que el lugar sea más privado.  Jornadas más cortas de trabajo en más días.  Jornadas repartidas en más días.  Que los días que hayan actividades, vean que no hayan otras y puedan venir más personas.  Que nos volvamos a encontrar para el III Festival Ciberfeminista para compartir lo nuevo.  El espacio más grande.  Tener más espacio para descansar  Terminar más temprano, muy largo el día  Más espacio ¿Qué dudas me quedaron?  ¿Cómo darle continuidad? ¡Ya quiero!  ¿Cuándo van a haber más eventos?  ¿Será posible darle continuidad a un mismo tema con las mismas participantes y otras personas?  Ninguna. Tengo que practicar en mi computadora y en mi teléfono.  ¿Qué tipos de personas reciben o llevan la información de la violencia?  Acerca de seguridad informática.  No es duda, pero deseo una mayor práctica de Arduino.  Seguir haciendo más festivales.  Aclarar cómo denunciar la violencia en línea.  Por el momento todo claro, cuando practique saldrán dudas
      todo claro, cuando practique saldrán dudas)
    • Panel, Strategizing around online gender-based violence documentation and accompaniment practice, IFF, Spain  + (Participants were engaged and made many questions.)
    • FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, Indonesia  + (Participants were very grateful and excite
      Participants were very grateful and excited about the event and the new issues they were learning in the training. All of them were very excited to share what they have learned with their friends in their organizations and collectives as now they know that most of digital security strategies will only work if it is applied collectively. Participants also express their hopes for the continuation of the training and discussion after the event, not only for women and LGBTIQ activists but also for other activists working on different social justice issues.
      orking on different social justice issues.)
    • Workshop, Manuals with a gender perspective, IFF, Valencia  + (People like it!)
    • One-to-one DigiSec trainings for activists, Argentina  + (People were very open about the fact that they did not think too much about surveillance but it was clear to them that things were happening. Some of the tools seemed to be more useful than others in the follow up.)
    • Gender and Technology Institute, Berlin  + (Read Impact study hereː https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/images/d/da/GTI_ImpactStudy.pdf)
    • Digital security for Women, Bosnia  + (Review of participants evaluation showed that all participants felt this training had empowered them and enable them to better understand links between gender, feminism, tech related violence, privacy and digital security.)
    • FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, La Plata, Argentina  + (Specific feedback: - Need for ongoing tra
      Specific feedback: - Need for ongoing training good digital security tools when "on the run" (mobiles), need to create spaces to "slow down and learn" outside of urgent organisational moments. - Not just technological knowledge is needed, also strategies and tactics in relation to informational security, and managing networks which are distributed physically with a great variety in levels of understanding and access to technology. - Need for restructuring of approach to ITC in relation to media's violent culture towards women and girls. Mothers we work with worried about daughters uploading pictures to Facebook in case something happens to them. A whole new approach needed in relation to the way we think about networks, how women and girls use technology, spaces which allow us to have empowering new approaches to technology at all income levels. - Spaces where we learn without "experts" are great! So much unlearning to do. General feedback: - Where does the anxiety around technolgy come from? How do we overcome it?
      echnolgy come from? How do we overcome it?)
    • Taller de Software libre, autodefensa digital y seguridad feminista, Medellín-Colombia  + (Sólo evaluamos un día y el feedback fue muy bueno)
    • Capacitación en seguridad digital, La Paz, Bolivia  + (Tanto las reacciones como los comentarios
      Tanto las reacciones como los comentarios al finalizar la actividad fueron positivos. Las dudas principales se dieron en torno al uso del correo electrónico y a la seguridad en redes sociales. Los asistentes quedaron asombrados cuando se develaron las cuestiones digitales de la que se sirven corporación y gobernantes.
      a que se sirven corporación y gobernantes.)
    • Holistic digital security training for women journalists, Mexico  + (The generation of safe spaces where people can discuss their feelings allows for better learning the tools)
    • Workshop, Regional networks for tackling gender-based online violence, IFF, Valencia  + (This topic is worth investigating, participants felt inspired for addressing more indepth dimensions detailed in their case study in their own work)
    • AWID, Mediactivismo, nuevas narrativas feministas, Brasil  + (Tuvimos una buena devolución del taller, principalmente porque la población que participó no era sólo de ALC, por lo que muchas campañas y/o acciones que se mostraron no habían sido vistas anteriormente lo que permitió que se conocieran y difundieran.)
    • FemH3ck - Basic privacy and digital security for feminist & LGTBQIA, Argentina  + (Very specific feedback and needs for futur
      Very specific feedback and needs for future meetings: - Need for tools to perform secure erase of data. - Need to construct open access libraries outside of existing structures which have limited access for many communities, especially those outside traditional institutional spaces. - The need to use search engines which do not 'profile' users or perform censorship in order to reach wider info. Different experiences of information available when using TOR. -The interest on knowing how to create different identities online (the way on how to separate them and not giving up our real identity) -Interest on feminist libraries online with bibliography on the main subjects of interests. -Getting to know alternatives of Free Software of main applicatives used on the computer General feedback: - What happens in open spaces vs closed spaces? Do women and LGTBQIA folk need their own spaces and their own approaches to technology and learning?
      own approaches to technology and learning?)
    • Gender and Technology Institute, Panama  + (We found that the event enabled many parti
      We found that the event enabled many participants to finally meet face to face and to create new forms of trust and exchange that can only be achieved in offline meetings. Many of them also underlined that even if they knew the name of the other collectives and they followed their activities or campaigns on the internet, the institute became a space that provided them with the opportunity to better understand how they worked and navigate in their specific contexts in order to provide information, counsel and/or accompaniment to the women they are supporting. In other words the Institute was felt as a safe space for sharing about their security and mitigation strategies and many participants felt they could never share those in an online environment. All together they felt the training not only provided them with important new skills and knowledge regarding their presence online but also strengthen their knowledge, networks and future actions regarding pro-choice activism on the field. Finally, participants also felt that the Institute was different because it focused on the security as a multilayer of processes and practices taking place inside their networks of solidarity and support, rather than providing a top down approach that focuses primarily on privacy and digital security tools. In that sense, it was also felt important that facilitators underlined the existing links between the holistic and integrated security approach to the different methodologies and practices developed within feminists and gender social justice movements, showing the continuum existing between online and offline approaches to security. All together, it provided participants with a sense of enjoying a strong framework (theoretical and practical) that make easier to link all those dimensions together and include more privacy and digital security into their lives and work.
      igital security into their lives and work.)
    • Cryptorave - Feminist digital security workshops Lab-Ada, Brasil  + (We need to do more events like that.)
    • CryptoFest, Nicaragua  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • FemH3ck - EnRedadas, Nicaragua  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Digital security open and weekly trainings, Mexico  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Holistic security training of trainers, Brasil  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • TransHackFeminist Convergence 2, Mexico  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Holistic Security, WHRD, Mexico  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Talk Online Misoginy, Pakistan  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Using technology to fight dangerous speech - Peace Tech exchange, Myanmar  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Panel Including Gender - Re-publica conference, Berlin  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Campaign Zero Trollerance, Internet  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Europarlament, Digitale Revolution Feminist, Brussels  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Talk Magic trick: how to make the women disappear, Transmit Festival, Praha  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), Gender equality, Stockholm  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Digital security workshop for environmental activists, Brasil  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Digital security workshop- LAVITS, Brasil  + (What were the impressions ?)
    • Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya  + (What were the impressions ? The participan
      What were the impressions ? The participants found the sessions useful not only in their professional lives but also in their personal and academic life. The sessions were structured to be as responsive to the developing needs of the participants and there was open interaction towards finding practical solutions even beyond the training days. One participant remarked- " It is like I attended a full course." At the end of the training participants committed to being part of the driving force at the association on matters tech, gender, security and advocacy.
      tters tech, gender, security and advocacy.)
    • FemH3ck - How the internet works for WHRD, Mexico  + (What were the impressions? Time was a bit too short. It was good from what people said to me and in the evaluation, but I could tell that it was hard for some people, like 3 girls that we have in the group, to understand some concepts.)
    • Digital Trainers Summit - Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain  + (You can read in the storytelling section t
      You can read in the storytelling section three testimonials from women that participated to the DTS during the CTFː https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Digital_Trainer_Summit_1-_Circumvention_Tech_Festival,_Spain https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Digital_Trainer_Summit_2-_Circumvention_Tech_Festival,_Spain https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Digital_Trainers_Summit_3_-_Circumvention_Tech_Festival,_Spain
    • Digital security workshop - Les Degommeuses  + (good)
    • Herramientas comunicacionales para la protección del territorio y naturaleza, Ecuador  + (metodologías usadas en el taller fueron cl
      metodologías usadas en el taller fueron claras y precisas. Nos sugirieron abordar con mayor detenimiento herramientas de autocuidado en el próximo módulo o en algún otro espacio y herramientas de comunicación relacionadas con la seguridad digital y en particular del acceso a telefonía celular segura y autónoma. Al abordar el tema de cómo funciona la telefonía celular e Internet se interesaron en saber más, en dar continuidad a este tipo de aprendizajes.
      r continuidad a este tipo de aprendizajes.)
    • Workshop: Safer Nudes @Montreal, Canada  + (super positive)
    • Seguridad digial para defensores de derechos humanos en contextos mineros  + (the participants commented that the workshop was useful and the methodology was adequate)
    • FemH3ck - Hacking our practices: Gender and Technology, Mexico  + (un 25% respondió que necesitó más información, mientras que para el 75% restante fue sufciente información)
    • Digital security training for political activists, Cuba  + (“la facilitación y organisacion del taller
      “la facilitación y organisacion del taller es muy buena ya que las profesoras era organizadas y daban una dinámica muy positiva” “Muy buena mi impresión, personas fabulosas, en paciencia para ensenar, buena preparación de los contenidos y muy seguros organizándolo” “Pensaba que solo seria sobre la seguridad de nuestros ordenadores y documentos ya que no he tenido mucha interacción en internet” “No creía que fuera mala para nada pero no me imaginaba tampoco que iba a ser tan bueno y provechoso” “nunca pensé que la impresión iba a hacer lo que me llevo. Porque pensé que eran temas de seguridad obsoletos”
      nsé que eran temas de seguridad obsoletos”)