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A list of all pages that have property "STOP" with value "being apprehensive about how the event will be received!". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya  + (What will you stop doing ? feeling limited when no funding for trainings are available.)
  • FemH3ck - How the internet works for WHRD, Mexico  + (What will you stop doing? It is hard when
    What will you stop doing? It is hard when you are doing this activity that people start always asking so they start sharing a lot of information and questions they have but in different part of the process so I think it can turn into a mess and people can get confused if you don't follow the order. So it is important to stop answering the questions as they come up, but to better go with the process and take notes of this to attend when you arrive to that part.
    is to attend when you arrive to that part.)
  • Privacy awareness talks, Argentina  + (Whatsapp for organisation.)
  • Digital security workshop - Les Degommeuses  + (giving too much details on how internet works)
  • II Festival Ciberfeminista, Tejiendo circuitos, Guatemala  + ( Jornadas muy largas de trabajo. Lo ideal
     Jornadas muy largas de trabajo. Lo ideal es reducir las jornadas de talleres aunque implique más días.  Espacios donde se lleven al mismo tiempo actividades de otras organizaciones. De ahora en adelante buscaremos espacios donde solo nosotras podamos estar.
    spacios donde solo nosotras podamos estar.)