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Keep calm & Keep on fiddling

Uncluttering means abandoning the comfortably known and taking a leap of confidence. The known may be painful, but there is some confidence in its operations and that makes it a somewhat comfortable pain. Therefor, may the clutter be with us until the burden becomes too great for us to carry, because then any creative change that promises to save time and energy becomes an option to get started [1].

A word of warning: uncluttering can be addictive.

  • Uncluttering your life - Are you working flat out just to stay afloat, and not getting anything "important" done? Does it seem like there aren't enough hours in the day? Is your trash can full? Do you feel overwhelmed? No time to spare? No time to unwind?
  • Uncluttering your mind - Think you can't?
  • Uncluttering your machine - Is your desktop a shining example of neatness and cleanliness? Or is it a big heap of icons only fit to be sorted in some manner? How many files are in your Documents folder? What does your directory structure look like? Easy to work with and a natural fit for you and what you do? Can you easily find what you are looking for or does the way you organise suck totally and drain your energy?
  • Uncluttering electronic waste - What is e-waste? How do I dispose of my "old" computer(s)? Can I reuse (parts of) it?



  1. Anonymiss(tress) Operation Enough! https://vimeo.com/33208014