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  • Digital security training for antimining activists, Mexico  + (Workshop for a grassroot organization in t
    Workshop for a grassroot organization in the North Sierra of Puebla (Mexico) The workshop was held in a village about an hour from the capital Puebla, it took place in a center to teach and learn crafts with mud that also counts with a computer room. The computers were installed with Windows and the Internet connection was only working if there was no more than two computers connected at the same time (sounds familiar? ;-). Most of the attendees brought their personal computers with Windows but there was also two persons using Ubuntu. About 12 people attended, mostly men aged between 19 years - 60 years. The level of education and occupation was variable. The workshop gave an introduction to technopolitical aspects of surveillance, digital security and digital tools. The possibility of using TAILS was discussed and I brought some USB installed with me but we did not have enough time to work on that topic. The workshop consisted in mail encryption using Thunderbird and Enigmail. It took place on Saturday, which is the most appropriate day for the community and lasted from 10AM to 6 PM with an hour break for lunch.
    10AM to 6 PM with an hour break for lunch.)
  • Gender and Technology Institute, Ecuador  + (You can read about the evaluation and agenda of the GTI in Ecuador here: https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/images/7/72/Documentacion_Evaluacion_IGT.pdf The document is available in Spanish so far.)
  • Taller Autodefensa Digital, Encuentro LBT Feminista, Ecuador  + (la agenda de trabajo contempló los siguientes temas: Marco jurídico y ejercicio de derechos; salud sexual lésbica; kuerpas disientes y espacio público; autodefensa digital; arte como expresión de contracultura (serigrafía, poesía, música); gordofobia.)