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!'''Uploaded content :'''
!'''Uploaded content :'''
| {{#if: {{{fileproperty|}}} | [[File:{{{Upload content|}}}]]|{{{fileproperty|}}} }}
| {{#if: {{{fileproperty|}}} | [[File:{{{Upload content|}}}]]|{{{Upload content|}}} }}

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This is the "Activities" template. It should be called in the following format:

|Title of the activity=
|Start when ?=
|End when ?=
|Number of hours if only one day ?=
|Where is located the activity (World Regional area, Country and City if relevant) ?=
|Geo-localization of the activity (if secure to tell it) ?=
|Who organize it (person, organization) ?=
|Organisation(s) website ?=
|For whom is it organized ?=
|How many people trained ?=
|Motivations for organizing training=
|Topics addressed=
|Links about the activity=
|Upload content=

Edit the page to see the template text.