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  • Threat analysis - Introducing context & risk analysis  + (To know existing strategies and tactics for security, protection and well-being. Profound context analysis as key to making informed decisions.)
  • Threat analysis - Security planning  + (To know the essential elements of a security strategy and plan as useful in organising and underpinning our security.)
  • Threat analysis - Situational analysis  + (To learn about current trends in the situa
    To learn about current trends in the situation in which HRD operate, to develop a critical analysis of sources of information and identify strengths & weaknesses of current approach. To analyse the political, economic, social, technological context from a security perspective.
    gical context from a security perspective.)
  • Gender Tech Personal Memories  + (To think about participants own personal relationships with technology, and when gender stereotypes started to play a role.)
  • Threat analysis - Information Mapping II  + (To understand how data travels electronica
    To understand how data travels electronically and the points at which it can be subjected to surveillance, adding important actors including internet service providers, online service providers etc. to the actor maps. To detect basic threats to sensitive information for responses.
    ts to sensitive information for responses.)
  • Threat analysis - Information Mapping I  + (To understand the importance of informatio
    To understand the importance of information as an asset which is valuable to ourselves, our allies and our adversaries and as a resource one can establish reasonable control over. To mapp sensitive information managed in the context of work and its characteristics.
    e context of work and its characteristics.)
  • Security: Password security  + (To understand the need for secure passwords, and to be aware of other people's experiences in this space.)
  • Hands On How the internet works  + (To understand what happens online when we send and receive an email, how many parties are involved, and how this changes with encrypted messages.)
  • Hands On Understanding the group – Spectrogram  + (Understand and visualise the variety of opinions and perspectives that are in the room, ideally towards the beginning of the workshop.)
  • Hands On What does your internet look like?  + (Understanding basic fundamentals about how the internet works, and providing a space for participants to ask questions they may have about the 'building blocks' that feature in other hands on sessions.)
  • Threat analysis - Individual responses to threat  + (Understanding stress management as something which helps us better manage our security. Develop physiological responses to threat and tactics for maintaining calm.)
  • Security PGP 101  + (Understanding the basics of PGP and encryption)
  • Training: Training design I  + (Understanding the cultural and societal context that different participants are coming from, to help participants design the most appropriate and effective training workshop schedule.)
  • Gender Tech Online/Offline Cyberfeminism  + (Understanding what is the Relationship between Offline and Online from a cyberfeminist perspective; Understanding essential properties of Internet in relation to shaping identity online and displaying subjectivities.)
  • Privacy Analogue data shadows  + (Visualising offline what we mean by 'data shadows' and thinking through news ways that these could be created in our everyday lives.)