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    • Gender and Technology Institute Asia, Start up Meeting, Colombo, Skri Lanka  + (Tactical Tech's previous GTI curricula.)
    • II Festival Ciberfeminista, Tejiendo circuitos, Guatemala  + (Tanto metodología como recursos utilizados
      Tanto metodología como recursos utilizados en las actividades fueron tomados de colectivas feministas que se han dado a la tarea de desarrollar currículos y recursos desde una perspectiva de género y feminista para la enseñanza-aprendizaje de la seguridad digital. Algunas de los contenidos se encuentran en: https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page https://securityinabox.org/en/ https://myshadow.org/materials https://ciberseguras.org https://gendersec.train.tacticaltech.org/ https://cyber-women.com/en/
      ticaltech.org/ https://cyber-women.com/en/)
    • International Journalism Festival - Perugia  + (The GTI report)
    • Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya  + (The Kenya ICT Network (KICTANET) 2013 rep
      The Kenya ICT Network (KICTANET) 2013 report on Women and Cyber Crime in Kenya, tactical tech online tool kits , Google tips, Maji Data, UN Data,World Bank Data, Kenya Open data, infogram, Google fusion tables. Other presentations developed for the training can be viewed hereː On digital security basicsː https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/images/e/e1/DIGITAL_SECURITY-1.pptx_Yvonne_Oluoch.pptx On digital security toolsː https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/images/c/cd/AMWIK_training-1.pptx_Yvonne_Oluoch.pptx On policies on Violence Against Womenː https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/images/c/c0/Advocacy.pptx_Mary_Kiio.pptx
    • Workshop, Regional networks for tackling gender-based online violence, IFF, Valencia  + (The regional networks session intended to
      The regional networks session intended to brainstorm between international experiences of solidarity, support and counselling networks that are tackling gender based violence. We could go in-depth in the analysis of four cases studies: Network of WHRD on Oaxaca dealing with urgent situations (Mexico); Black lives matters! (USA); Aware girls, young women organization working for women's empowerment (Pakistan); and a network promoting self care among feminist activists (Brasil).
      lf care among feminist activists (Brasil).)
    • FemH3ck – Talking Digital Saving Lives at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya  + (The toolkits and resources involved: Powerpoint presentations on privacy advocacy and digital security. Myshadow.org website for tools)
    • FemH3ck – Digital Security and Privacy Advocacy Flash training at the ihub Space, Nairobi, Kenya  + (The toolkits and resources involved: Powerpoint presentations on privacy advocacy and digital security: Myshadow.org website)
    • FemH3ck - Round table Privacy and security in the Open IT Space, Serbia  + (The toolkits and resurces used in the educ
      The toolkits and resurces used in the educational process are as follows: Power point presentation: Privacy and security in an open IT space, Valentina Aleksandrovic Power point presentation: Internet Safety, Msc. Milos Peric, IT Center Nis Power point presentation: Sophisticated tools for violation of data integrity of the wireless network, Aleksandar Petrovic, Higher Technical School of Professional Studies Nis
      chnical School of Professional Studies Nis)
    • Formacion Ciberactivismo, Santa Elena, Ecuador  + (Utilice las memorias y lo aprendido en el IGT- Ecuador, las guías y material de Karisma, Colombia y Security in the box. Y el video de RedparaTodos "Gobernanza en Internet": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU2Vbo_SxIs&t=182s)
    • Formacion Ciberactivismo, Cuenca, Ecuador  + (Utilice las memorias y lo aprendido en el IGT- Ecuador, las guías y material de Karisma, Colombia y Security in the box. Y el video de RedparaTodos "Gobernanza en Internet": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU2Vbo_SxIs&t=182s)
    • Acompañamiento, Organización de Mujeres Defensoras, Mexico  + (Vean el lindo manual acerca de "Herramientas basicas para la proteccion integral de las defensoras de DDHH de Oaxaca", esta disponible en la imagen un poco mas arriba)
    • Herramientas comunicacionales para la protección del territorio y naturaleza, Ecuador  + (Video Ella https://vimeo.com/109258771 Vid
      Video Ella https://vimeo.com/109258771 Video “Mujeres y Extractivismo” La periodica https://laperiodica.net Metadatos: https://ssd.eff.org/es/module/por-qu%C3%A9-los-metadatos-son-importantes Contraseñas https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Contrase%C3%B1as_seguras Telefonía Móvil https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/M%C3%B3vil_1:_Funccionamiento https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/M%C3%B3vil_3:_Alternativas
    • Campaign Zero Trollerance, Internet  + (Videos of the six step programː http://zer
      Videos of the six step programː http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-1.php http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-2.php http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-3.php http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-4.php http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-5.php http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-6.php
      php http://zerotrollerance.guru/step-6.php)
    • Holistic Security, Train Of Trainers, Germany  + (Workbook on secuirty for human rights defe
      Workbook on secuirty for human rights defenders: https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/files/workbook_eng.pdf Integrated Secuirty Manual: http://integratedsecuritymanual.org protection manual for human rights defenders http://protectioninternational.org/publication/new-protection-manual-for-human-rights-defenders-3rd-edition/ pbi mexico: programa de asesorias en seguridad y protección - guía de facilitacion: http://www.pbi-mexico.org/fileadmin/user_files/projects/mexico/images/News/Reducido_GuiaFacilitacion.pdf
    • Coming Back to Tech, IFF, Spain  + (Zen Manual Holistic Security Take Back the Tech Rapid Responders Network)
    • CryptoFest, Nicaragua  + (http://prezi.com/fhzemgxjcgvd)
    • IGF, InternetEsNuestra, Mexico  + (http://socialtic.org/post/153875928868/encuentro-de-sociedad-civil-por-una http://socialtic.org/post/154076497008/igf-2016-sociedad-civil-mexicana-denuncia-graves)
    • Tracking your period: Data economy and the risks for privacy and security of (very) personal data  + (https://chupadados.codingrights.org/es/menstruapps-como-transformar-sua-menstruacao-em-dinheiro-para-os-outros/ http://arrow.org.my/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/AFC22.1-2016.pdf)
    • Cryptorave - Feminist digital security workshops Lab-Ada, Brasil  + (https://cryptosanta.xyz/ https://emailselfdefense.fsf.org/en/index.html)
    • Taller, Respuestas creativas a violencia on-line, La Plata, Argentina  + (https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Usos_creativos_feministas_de_las_redes_sociales)
    • Oficina Uso crítico y feminista de internet, Brasil  + (https://karisma.org.co/como-funciona-inter
      https://karisma.org.co/como-funciona-internet-y-que-paso-con-la-pagina-de-karisma/ https://karisma.org.co/genios-de-internet-una-guia-para-mejorar-tu-seguridad-en-la-red/ https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Complete_manual http://feministinternet.net/en
      lete_manual http://feministinternet.net/en)
    • Seguridad digital para grupos por el derecho a decidir  + (https://tacticaltech.org/media/projects/CuerposMujeres.pdf https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org)
    • Seguridad digial para defensores de derechos humanos en contextos mineros 2  + (https://trackography.org/ https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page)
    • Womanity award, Oui Share Festival, Paris, France  + (https://vimeo.com/166352441)
    • Feminist Internet Meeting, Malaysia  + (https://wiki.feministinternet.org https://www.genderit.org/edition/making-feminist-internet https://www.genderit.org/node/5035/)
    • Editatona Mujeres Nicas  + (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbvfzDkbl9w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlNwS94ogs4)
    • Webinar, Sexualidad, Derechos Reproductivos y Violencia en línea, Brasil  + (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf9QuP4TsBY&feature=youtu.be)
    • Webinar, HerNetHerRights, online conference  + (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9nudeeE--4)
    • F3mhack - Hacktona Feminista, Sao Paulo, Brasil  + (riseup email security in a box temboinalinha)
    • AWID, Mediactivismo, nuevas narrativas feministas, Brasil  + (se utilizaron campañas que ya existían realizadas desde diferentes plataformas. Internet, computadora, cañón, sonido y conexión a internet)
    • Digital security meetup for women human rights defenders, Kenya  + (security in a box)
    • Conversation, Coffee Chat at ARROW HQ Malaysia  + (sitecheck.sucuri.net observatory.mozilla.org)
    • Autodefensa Digital Feminista, FemHack Managua 2016  + (¡Me acosan en internet!: una guía de acció
      ¡Me acosan en internet!: una guía de acción y reacción para protegerte del acoso http://accesolibre.org.ve/index.php/2016/02/01/me-acosan-en-internet/ ¿Qué hacer si hackean tu Facebook? http://evasurbanas.com/como-proteger-tu-cuenta-de-facebook/ Zen y el arte de que la tecnología trabaje para ti https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Complete_manual/es
    • Digital security for Women, Bosnia  + (Ženskaposla.ba (feminist portal) http://ze
      Ženskaposla.ba (feminist portal) http://zenskaposla.ba/ TakeBackTheTech campaing https://www.takebackthetech.net/ Safety Road map https://www.takebackthetech.net/know-more GenderIt - Changing the way you see ICT (feminist reflections on interent policies http://www.genderit.org/ ICTs for Feminist Movement Building: Activist Toolkit https://www.apc.org/en/pubs/icts-feminist-movement-building-activist-toolkit One World Platform http://oneworldplatform.net/ APC - Association for Progressive Communication https://www.apc.org/ Privacy and digital security -> Security in a box: https://securityinabox.org/ Me and my shadow: https://myshadow.org/trace-my-shadow Gender and technology Institute: http://tacticaltech.org/genderandtechnologyinstitute Manual for social media + safe spaces with gender perspective ttc.io/zenmanual Manuals for security and privacy with a gender perspective: https://gendersec.tacticaltech.org/wiki/index.php/Manuals_with_a_gender_perspective Public digital libraries: https://www.memoryoftheworld.org/blog/2014/11/06/a-public-library-of-my-own/ Feminist public library: http://feminism.memoryoftheworld.org/ Documentary Donestech, women and tech (spanish sub eng): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=37&v=KTaxQZbcL1g Install Calibre for viewing, organising, transforming ebooks (like the calibre feminist you have in your USB key)ː http://calibre-ebook.com/
      n your USB key)ː http://calibre-ebook.com/)