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EnGENDERing digital security workshop - Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain
Category Digital Security  + , Gender and Tech  +
Detailed schedule and contents 1. Facilitator intros, quick intros if sma
1. Facilitator intros, quick intros if small enough group (20-30 people?) 2. Defining terms: (20 minutes) 3. What is gender-based violence? (15 minutes) 4. Threat modeling questions: (10 minutes) 5. Full group activity: (15 minutes) 6. Individual reflection activity: (15 minutes) 7. Facilitator questions to the group: (10-15 minutes) 8. Small group activity: Develop a case study (30 minutes) 9. Report cases out in plenary (~30 minutes total) 10. Sum up 11. Closing exercise.
total) 10. Sum up 11. Closing exercise.  +
End when 1 March 2015  +
For whom is it organized Open  +
How many people trained 10  +
Links about the activity http://www.circumventionfestival.es/espacio/Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...  +
Methodologies for training Threat modeling questionsː What’s threat
Threat modeling questionsː What’s threat modeling? What are the basic questions it asks? (Take responses from group, write on flipchart) Share: Usual main questions include: 1. What do you want to protect? (assets) 2. Who do you want to protect it from? 3. How likely is it that you will need to protect it? 4. How bad are the consequences if you fail? 5. How much trouble are you willing to go through in order to try to prevent those?
through in order to try to prevent those?  +
Number of hours 4  +
Organisation(s) website https://openitp.org/festival/circumvention-tech-festival.html  +
Start when 1 March 2015  +
Title of the activity EnGENDERing Privacy and Digital Security workshop  +
Topics addressed DST, Spain, Circumvention Tech  +
Where is located the activity Valencia, Spain  +
Who organize it Circumvention Tech Festival  +
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