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Title Conversation on digital security with CEDEP AYLLU
Category Digital Security
Start 2018/05/23
End 2018/05/23
Scale Regional
Geolocalization -11° 50' 6", -75° 45' 42"
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Organisation CEDEP AYLLU
Target audience Human right defenders
Number of participants 5
Context and motivations CEDEP AYLLU is an organization that works on sustainable development with communities.
Topics digital security
Media [[File:]]
Agenda The conversation started with an exposition about our data and the Internet, analyzing the infrastructure of the Internet and examples of ho companies use information of their users, as well as the techno-political context. During the conversation we talked on the importance of starting a digital security process within the organization that includes a critical vision of the necessities and adopted on the conditions in which the organization works.
Methodologies Exposition
Resources https://trackography.org/


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