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Title Training with Derechos Humanos sin Fronteras
Start 2018/07/16
End 2018/07/16
Hours 9
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Organisation Training with Derechos Humanos sin Fronteras, CEDEP AYLLU,
Website https://es-la.facebook.com/derechossinfronteras.pe/
Target audience Human right defenders
Number of participants 12
Context and motivations DHSF is an organization that works on territorial conflicts related to extractive industries. During the training the organization shared about several physical security incidents it has had in the past and their suspicion of having their phones intecepted.
Topics digital security, movil, encrypt
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Agenda The training was divided in three parts. During the first part we worked on the general aspects of privacy and digital security in the Latin-American context. In the second part we worked on threats for cellphones. During the third part we worked on secure communication through e-mail and encryption of folders to protect sensitive information.

During the training all participants configured a Wire account, analyzed the security of their cellphone devices, create a secure mail account in a secure server and use veracrypt to encrypt their folders.

Methodologies Popular education,