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AWID, Coming Back to Tech, Brazil +online harassment, self care, coming back to tech  +
AWID, Mediactivismo, nuevas narrativas feministas, Brasil +ciberfeminismo, ciberactivismo, mediaactivismo, nuevas narrativas feministas, ciberseguridad, redes sociales, uso crítico y feminista de internet  +
AWID, Tracking your period: Data economy and the risks for privacy and security of (very) personal data, Brazil +Data Privacy, Quantification, Big Data  +
Autodefensa Digital Feminista Avanzado, Nicaragua +seguridad digital, autodefensa, privacidad  +
Autodefensa Digital Feminista, FemHack Managua 2016 +Seguridad digital, violencia digital por razones de género  +


Campaign Zero Trollerance, Internet +trolls, online harassment, online misoginy, counterspeech, feminism, humour  +
Charla, Ciberfeminismos, Congreso Soberania Tecnologica, Barcelona +CiberFeminismos, Patriarcado, Seguridad i privacidad  +
Charla, Privacidad, Seguridad Digital y Ciberfeminismos: Experiencias desde Latino América, Barcelona +privacidad, seguridad, defensoras derechos humanos, feminismos, latino america  +
Charla, privacidad, seguridad digital y ciberfeminismos, Sevilla +seguridad, privacidad, diberfeminismos  +
Conference Global Tech Women Voices, Internet +Violence against women, tech for change, prevention, womanity award  +
Conference Pour une approche féministe et queer des technologies, Orleans, France +Violence against women, gender, feminism, ICT, security  +
Conference, Les corps des femmes comme champ de bataille numériques en Amérique Latine, Orleans, France +avortement, risques, securite numerique  +
Conmemoración dos años impunidad asesinato Macarena Valdes, Chile +justicia, seguridad, cuidados  +
Conversation, Coffee Chat at ARROW HQ Malaysia +GTI, Security, Gender, gender vs tech  +
Criptofiesta: ¡aprende a cifrar tus correos! +GPG, cifrado de correos, privacidad, seguridad digital  +
CryptoFest, Nicaragua +Cryptography, Nicaragua, Spanish  +
Cryptorave - Feminist digital security workshops Lab-Ada, Brasil +Feminism, digital security training, Brasil, Portuguese  +


Digital Trainers Summit - Circumvention Tech Festival, Spain +Training of trainers, Spain  +
Digital security and privacy session - Geek Girl festival, Kenya +Feminism, Bloggers, Digital security, Privacy awareness, Speed Geeking, Design Thinking, Kenya  +
Digital security for Women, Bosnia +Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Sexuality, Violence against Girls and Women, online harassment, feminisms, privacy, digital security  +
Digital security for the Association of Media Women, Kenya +Training of Trainers, Digital security, Data mining and visualization, Privacy Advocacy, Kenya, 2015  +
Digital security meetup for women human rights defenders, Kenya +WHRD, Journalists, bloggers, Kenya, Digital security  +
Digital security open and weekly trainings, Mexico +Mexico, Spanish, Digital security trainings  +
Digital security tips - Bar Camp Yangon,Myanmar +Myanmar, Digital Security  +
Digital security training for Journalists, Myanmar +Myanmar, Journalists, DST  +
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