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Install party software libre vs códigos de género +Gender and Tech  +


Mobile Browsing +Hands-on Tools  +
Mobile Communication +Hands-on Tools  +
Móvil 1: Funccionamiento +Hands-on Tools  +
Móvil 2: Complementos +Hands-on Tools  +


Privacy Analogue data shadows +Gender and Tech  +
Privacy From data shadows to data brokers +Other …  +


Security PGP 101 +101  +
Security: Password security +Train of trainers  +, 101  +
Self Care, Concentration +Holistic  +
Self care, Emotions +Holistic  +


Threat analysis +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Digital Security Indicators +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Individual responses to threat +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Information Mapping I +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Information Mapping II +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Introducing context & risk analysis +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Security planning +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Situational analysis +Holistic  +
Threat analysis - Vision and Actor Mapping +Holistic  +
Training: Training Skills I +Train of trainers  +
Training: Training design I +Train of trainers  +
Training: Training design II +Train of trainers  +
Training: Training design III +Train of trainers  +


Women's Safety Apps +Gender and Tech  +
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