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Account creation / confirmation

Go to : Special:ConfirmAccounts

  • see : prospective authors (open requests [1] | held requests [0] | recently rejected requests [0] | expired requests)
  • clic on open requests
  • Clic on Review
  • Clic on Accept & Confirm

Extract data to libreoffice or excel


  1. Go to : Special:Ask
  2. Formulate a request, for exemple to ask all the properties of the form "Activities" in the category "Activites"
  3. To do so, fill the field "Query" and "Additional data to display" with the content above (autocompletion for the properties)
  4. Choose the outpout format > CSV Export
  5. Click on Find Results
  • More infos on "Special:Ask"
  • Below, it's also possible to replace [[Category:Activities]] by a property : [[Title of the activity::+]] with "+" meaning : select all pages which contains a property named "Title of the activity"
  • A better syntax that manage to get all pages even if there are errors inside the forms :
Query Additional data to display
{{#ask: [[Title of the activity::+]] }}
?Title of the activity
?Start when
?End when
?Number of hours
?Where is located the activity
?Geo-localization of the activity
?Who organize it
?Organisation(s) website
?For whom is it organized
?How many people trained
?Motivations for organizing training
?Topics addressed
?Links about the activity
?Upload content

Also to avoid the limit of 100 items while exporting in csv, possible to put a number in the limit field (500) : HowToASKExportmorethan100results.png

  • Initial syntax :
Query Additional data to display
Title of the activity
Start when
End when
Number of hours
Where is located the activity
Geo-localization of the activity
Who organize it
Organisation(s) website
For whom is it organized
How many people trained
Motivations for organizing training
Topics addressed
Links about the activity
Upload content

Semantic search-Ask.png


  1. Go to : Special:Ask
Query Additional data to display
Title of the tutorial
Kind of learning session
Tutorial category
Duration (hours)
Learning objectives
Number of facilitators involved
Technical needs
Theoretical and on line resources


  1. Go to : Special:Ask
Query Additional data to display