Hands On Understanding the group – Spectrogram

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Title of the tutorial Understanding the group – Spectrogram
Kind of learning session Other …
Tutorial category Icebreaking
Duration (hours) 0.5
Learning objectives Understand and visualise the variety of opinions and perspectives that are in the room, ideally towards the beginning of the workshop.
Prerequisites A line on the floor marking 'the middle' of the room – so people know which side to stand to show their opinions.

For the facilitator: none specifically

Methodology Mark a line on the floor towards the middle of the room, and signal that one side of the room is 'strongly agree', the other is 'strongly disagree', and if participants are 'neutral' towards a certain topic, they can stand in the middle of the room on the line.

Participants are asked to move around the room depending upon their feelings towards statements that the facilitator will read out, and the facilitator will also ask for opinions and reasoning behind their positioning, from certain participants.

Statements could include:

"The internet is dangerous": agree or disagree?” "Only digital security experts can be digital security trainers." "Technology can be sexist"

If there are any particularly polemic decisions, it might be a good idea for the facilitator to make a note of them for future discussions.

Number of facilitators involved 1
Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources [[Theoretical and on line resources::Aspiration Tech's run through of the Spectrogram]]