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Title of the tutorial Personal memories of technology
Kind of learning session Gender and Tech
Tutorial category Icebreaking
Duration (hours) 1
Learning objectives To think about participants own personal relationships with technology, and when gender stereotypes started to play a role.
Prerequisites None
Methodology * Get everyone to sit in a circle
  • Distribute sticky notes and pens
  • Ask everyone to write your earliest memory of using, seeing, or interacting with technology, with your rough age, and the device you used.
  • Then go round the circle and (depending on how many people are present) – ask people to read out their answers.
  • If there are too many people present, ask for volunteers to put their hands up, and read out their answers.

If the exercise stimulates discussion around certain stereotypes, the facilitator can also make a list of these at the front of the group.

Number of facilitators involved 1
Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources [[Theoretical and on line resources::Science: it's a girl thing – video, aiming to get more women in STEM fields. A bad example of how to address this problem, as it's catering to the stereotypes we're trying to get rid of.

Lela Code Reasearch by Donestech (Chapter 6 The day I rolled with technology: access and motivation: in spanish).

Video with subtitles in english: Lela's Code: the day i had an affair with technologies]]