Feminist Campaigns

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Feminist Campaigns


  • India

The Pinjra Tod Movement: Pinjra Tod (Hindi: पिंजरा तोड़ Break the Cage) is an independent collective of students and alumni of colleges across Delhi, India that seeks to make hostel and paying guest (PG) accommodation regulations less regressive and restrictive for women students, and to help them reclaim public places.


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  • Indonesia

SaveOurSister and #SisterhoodNotCisterhood is a campaign that push and bring the intersectionality feminism.

BunyikanTandaBahaya and kartini Kendeng (kartini is a symbol of women equality in indonesia). Kartini Kendeng is about women farmers who are fighting against cement industry in their villages. They have a beautiful song that they always sing during their struggle “Ibu bumi wis maringi, ibu bumi dilarani, ibu bumi kang ngadili (in javanese languange), which translate “mother earth has given us, mother earth has been hurt by us, mother earth will punish”.

(https://asiancorrespondent.com/2017/03/farmers-bind-feet-concrete-jakarta-protest/ More information]


    • Malaysia

internetkita (our internet) part of the Take back the tech 16 days of activism campaign

  • Pakistan

BeatMeLightly is a campaign by a Pakistani group has drafted a women's protection bill that says that a husband can "lightly beat" his wife if needed. In response, numerous gutsy women are protesting with a photo-based social media campaign under the hashtag #TryBeatingMeLightly.

Girls at Dhabas is a campaign reclaiming public spaces for women and promoting the "right to purposeless fun" are so inspired and badass. The vision is to bring together women from all over the region through social media and otherwise in an attempt to create bonds of behenchara (sisterhood) and empower women to navigate in public spaces as a show of resistance and strength.

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"Smile Again" lead by Musarat Misbah is a campaign that aims to provide acid attack victims with reconstructive surgery as well as counselling and rehabilitation so they can be part of society without having to deal with the burden of being ostracised. The alarming statistics of acid crime in Pakistan have made it very crucial for this issue to be addressed.

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