FemH3ck - Feminist Caravan 1200 km, Mexico

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Title 1200km
Start 2015/05/22
End 2015/05/31
Scale Guadalajara, Distrito Federal, Puebla, Oaxaca (Mexico)
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Organisation ADA collective in collaboration with Interconectividades, FIPASOFT, La Madriguera, Red Autodefensa Feminista, FPVA 28 de octubre.
Website www.ada.org.mx
Target audience The focus group was women, trans, queer, but in some activities call was open to anyone
Number of participants 60
Context and motivations Currently Mexico is one of the riskiest countries for social activists and journalists, within these activities women are the most targeted groups.

The motivation of this activity was to contribute in defense mechanisms using the technology.

Topics Digita security, use of social networks, feminism, self defense, technological sovereignty.
Links http://pillku.org/article/femhack/

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