FemH3ck – Talking Digital Saving Lives at Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya

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Title Talking Digital Saving lives, workshop training and roundtable discussion
Category Privacy Advocacy Digital Security
Start 2015/05/25
End 2015/05/26
Scale Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya
Geolocalization -0° 47' 47", 38° 19' 12"
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Organisation Yvonne Oluoch of S.K.I.R.T.S (Socially Keen Individuals Redefining Tech Spaces) Kenya and Mary Kiio of Roshani Consultancy Services
Target audience Students undertaking courses in gender and development studies, lecturers, Head of departments and professors.
Number of participants 40
Context and motivations Issues of tech related violence is rampant among students of higher learning institutions. Unfortunately, there are no policies within the institutions that can deal with tech related violence.

Egerton University has a gender department that can strategically guide the conversations on tech related violence and possibly provide the required fora that would hopefully lead to the development of policies within the university that will curb tech related violence that occurs in the university.

The training was also conducted at the University due to the request of the Head of the Gender department , who had attended a round table on safety online for key stakeholders in Nakuru and had seen the value of having a training intervention with the students who were most affected by tech related violence.

Topics •Staying safe online

•Digital Security tools and tactics

•Privacy Advocacy

-Round table discussions on policy implementation and creating awareness and capacity building within the university to involve other departments.

Links https://skirtskenya.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/f3mhack-continues-to-egerton-university/
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Agenda Agenda of the event:

Day one: Enhancing capacity of women in digital security and privacy advocacy – Welcome presentation by Mary Kiio and Yvonne Oluoch Honor of Sabeen Mahmud, a moment of silence for her death -Staying safe online presentation by Mary Kiio Discussion of various scenarios from the audience Digital Security Tools and tactics presentation by Yvonne Oluoch Privacy Advocacy presentation by Mary Kiio Group work and discussion Lunch break Afternoon session Group work and group presentations Tea break NB:The above sessions were in line with the training that was conducted in Nairobi, however as their was more time , there were more in depth discussions on the issues identified during the training. The training on digital security tools was also elaborate as the facilitator went online and took the participants through various ways of utilizing the various digital security tools.

One spectrogram exercises was utilized during the training session that provided a healthy debate among the participants towards their understanding on tech related violence. Day two Round table discussions on policy advocacy and implementation The discussions were aimed at guiding the participants to think of channels they can use towards developing policy within the university. The participants spent time thinking through the various channels a new policy has to go through before it is adapted i.e the bottoms up approach where the students would first bring up the issue on the need for tech related violence and go through the various university processes until it is adapted as an official policy.

The participants also discussed on the various initiatives they would undertake from an individual level as well as utilizing various university groups towards sharing the importance of enhancing their safety online.

Methodologies Power Point presentations

Group Discussions Spectogram exercise Personal exercise.

Resources The toolkits and resources involved: Powerpoint presentations on privacy advocacy and digital security.

Myshadow.org website for tools

Gendersec Security in the box, Donated three security in a box books to the gender head of department so as to help the students carry on with the conversation and research.
Feelings Loved facilitating at the University and the students together with the lecturers were very vibrant to learn about digital security and how gender based violence easily becomes tech based violence with advancement of technology-Yvonne

“Open sharing of the student and lecturer participants on tech related violence they had experienced at the university made me sad to realize how widespread tech related violence is in our country, however, I was encouraged and energized by their eagerness to learn how to further enhance their security online.” Mary Kiio

Feedbacks Most students and lecturers were not aware of digital security and were in awe during the hands on sessions. Being the gender department, digital security is treated as a separate entity-Yvonne

“This session has been so practical in sharing crucial information on digital security. I have been talking to them (students) on the need for digital security but had not gone through it using such depth and identifying tools online they can use,” a lecturer said. There is room for the trainings we conducted to be adapted in sessions such as the gender department as the lecturer above outlines, if we scale up our intervention with the university and hopefully others that have opportunities to adapt the trainings. Mary Kiio

Start Organizing digital security trainings in institutions located in the rural areas.-Yvonne

Engage more with higher learning institutions towards sharing information with them on how to stay safe online and privacy advocacy with the hope that they will adapt them into their existing curricula and university policies that tackle cybercrimes affecting their students. Mary Kiio

Stop Focusing more on city based institutions _Yvonne

Thinking of sometime tomorrow is when I need to scale up my trainings on digital security and privacy advocacy with regards to universities, rather than now , no matter what challenges I think I may face. Mary Kiio

Keep Sharing more digital security training resources especially security in a box toolkit and myshadow.org . Yvonne

Maintain the networks I have developed with various heads of departments of various universities around the country with an aim of reaching out to their student bodies and other lecturers through training and conducting roundtable discussions. Mary