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|Links about the activity=Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
|Links about the activity=Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
|Upload content=Bear Hack.png
|Upload content=Bear Hack.png
{{Planning and documentation}}
{{Learning outcomes
|Feelings=How was it ?
|Feedbacks=What were the impressions ?
|START=What will you start doing ?
|STOP=What will you stop doing ?
|KEEP=What will you keep doing ?

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Title Open Saturday trainings
Category Digital Security
Start 2015/05/05
End 2015/05/05
Hours 4
Scale Mexico, Puebla
Geolocalization 19° 5' 13", -98° 11' 43"
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Organisation ADA community space
Website www.ada.org.mx
Target audience everybody, it is an open event
Number of participants 20
Context and motivations Open meetings for learning DST and drink hand craft made beer
Topics Mexico, Spanish, Digital security trainings
Links Articles, videos, photos on-line, ...
Media Bear Hack.png
Feelings How was it ?
Feedbacks What were the impressions ?
Start What will you start doing ?
Stop What will you stop doing ?
Keep What will you keep doing ?