Holistic security - A day in your life

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Title of the tutorial A day in your life
Kind of learning session Holistic, Other …
Tutorial category Discussion
Duration (hours) 1
Learning objectives Recognising the need for security in all areas of our lives – both online and offline – and understanding the different ways in which we deal with security risks.
Prerequisites Paper and pens for all participants.

Ideally, facilitators should have taken part in this exercise before, but it's not necessary.

Methodology Distribute big sheets of paper to participants and ask them to draw a typical day in their lives – preferably a busy day, listing/illustrating all activities that they regularly do, such as commuting to work, working, eating, etc.

After their 'day schedule' is complete, ask them to add in who they interact with at different steps of the day. Then, ask them to mark in a different colour, the steps of the day at which they feel insecure. Encourage them to look at each other's papers and, if there is time, explain through a couple of the steps. Is there anything that has come from this exercise that surprises them?

The facilitator could then explain the idea of security – or the need to be secure – as a holistic concept, rather than one to be thought of just in terms of 'digital security'.

Number of facilitators involved 1-2
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Technical needs None
Theoretical and on line resources None